Diamond Cutting

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sleek diamond cut finish

While powder coating stands out as the most popular and enduring alloy
wheel refurbishment service, there’s also a strong demand for the sleek
diamond cut finishes. Numerous cars come equipped with wheels featuring
this polished look.

24 Wheels 2 Go excels in replicating the coveted diamond cut finish.
However, it’s essential to note that diamond cutting is a meticulous process
that requires more time compared to a standard powder coat
refurbishment. Unlike powder coating, attempting to touch up or perform a
mobile refurbishment on a diamond cut wheel is impractical due to the
precision involved, necessitating the use of a lathe.

Corrosion is a common issue with diamond cut wheels. The challenge lies
in applying lacquer to a shiny surface, as gravity can complicate achieving
a lasting finish. Water infiltration through small stone chips beneath the
lacquer eventually leads to deterioration, resulting in a cloudy appearance
over time.

Diamond cutting entails the precise removal of a thin layer of alloy from the
wheel using specialised lathing equipment. However, it’s important to bear
in mind that diamond cut wheels have a limited number of refurbishments
since excessive alloy removal can occur over time. For a robust and
enduring refurbishment, you might want to consider our powder coat
option. Our in-house diamond cutting lathe ensures the highest quality
finish with a quick turnaround time and is the newest technology currently
available on the market. The diamond cutting process can be applied to
both the full face and lip of the wheel, and when combined with a base coat
paint, it produces truly impressive finishes.


Mike Harman

Amazing service received, gave the car a whole new look and alloys look brand new now. Will definitely come back in the future!

Jane Johnson

As always great level of service with a great level of finish on the refurbishment of my alloys. I would happily recommend 24 Wheels 2 Go to all friends and family.

Dan Ricardo

I recently used the Diamond Cutting Alloy Refurbishment service and was thoroughly impressed. The team’s professionalism and attention to detail were evident in the stunning finish of my wheels. They look brand new and add a sleek, modern touch to my car. The service was quick, efficient, and reasonably priced. Highly recommend to anyone looking to give their vehicle a premium look!